• A look at domestic abuse and political correctness and if you can ever be too cautious in such a serious situation.

    Domestic abuse?

    Katherine Galloway looks at the case of a 65 year old women being arrested for hitting her husband with a magazine and asks if it is political-correctness gone mad.

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  • Review of the second episode of the second series of BBC 2's The Fall.

    The Fall – One Named Peter Review

    Joanna Ellis reviews the second episode of of BBC Two’s hit-thriller The Fall, One Named Peter, as things hot up in Belfast. Includes spoilers.

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  • (c) cyberslayer, flickr

    What is Law?

    Catalonia’s (non-)referendum has made me think at length about what Law actually is. The Catalan referendum has been suspended on the grounds of the Spanish government appealing to the Spanish

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  • Is space tourism dead before it has even started following the Virgin Galactic crash?

    Is space tourism viable

    Adam Brewer looks at the Virgin Galactic crash at the end of October and how it will effect Richard Branson’s dream of space tourism.

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  • Beans on Toast prepares to launch his seventh studio album in December.

    Beans on Toast gears up for new album

    Isaac Callan reports as folk legend Beans on Toast releases another track from his upcoming seventh album, The Grand Scheme of Things, due to be released 1st December.

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